White House Pushes for More Gun Control Measures in Peculiar Address
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White House Pushes for More Gun Control Measures in Peculiar Address

In a recent speech at the Safer Community Summit, President Joe Biden discussed the future of gun control in the United States. The 30-minute address presented a mix of manipulative appeals to emotion, factual errors, and off-script moments, leaving viewers with a sense of confusion and concern about the President's mental state.

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty on Tax and Gun Charges, Raises Questions of Political Influence

In a surprising turn of events, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has entered a guilty plea in federal court, admitting to tax and gun charges. This development has significant implications and raises questions about potential political influence and the timing of the plea deal. While the details of the agreement are still emerging, it is clear that Hunter Biden's legal troubles have far-reaching consequences.

Hunter Biden's Sweetheart Deal Exposes America's Two-Tiered Justice System

In a recent development that sparked widespread debate, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, reached a resolution in his legal troubles. The resolution allowed him to plead to misdemeanor counts of tax evasion and enter into a pre-trial diversion agreement for lying on a Form 4473. However, the terms of this agreement have led to questions regarding the fairness and equity of the American justice system.

SCOTUS Considers Second Amendment Case with Potential Impact on Gun Control

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is currently reviewing a federal law that prohibits individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders from possessing firearms. This case has the potential to shape future gun control measures and has garnered significant attention and speculation among activists and legal experts.

The Unconstitutionality of Red Flag Laws

Understanding the dangers and concerns surrounding red flag laws

RFK Jr's Stance on Second Amendment Raises Questions

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr's recent statements on gun control have caused confusion among voters

RFK Jr Doubles Down on Gun Control

Democratic presidential candidate questions effectiveness of gun control measures

Supreme Court to Hear Domestic Abusers Restrictions Case on Second Amendment

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a controversial gun case that could impact the rights of domestic abusers to possess firearms.

Joe Biden's 304 Recorded Lies About Guns

A look at the numerous false statements made by President Joe Biden on firearms and Second Amendment rights.

Lawsuits Aim to Remove State Ban on Suppressors

Two lawsuits seek to challenge Illinois' ban on suppressors

Joe Biden Pushes for Police Support in Gun Control Measures

Law enforcement leaders meet at the White House to discuss assault weapon ban and high-capacity magazine ban