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Santa Monica Aims to Create Strict Gun Control Law, Sparks Controversy
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Santa Monica Aims to Create Strict Gun Control Law, Sparks Controversy

The Santa Monica City Council is making headlines with its ambitious goal to create what they call the "best gold standard" law for gun control. The council unanimously directed its staff to draft an ordinance that would establish strict regulations on gun sales and ownership. While proponents argue that these measures will enhance public safety, critics raise concerns about potential constitutional violations and the infringement on Second Amendment rights. This move has ignited a heated debate and is poised to be a legal battleground.

FBI Whistleblowers Expose Bank of America's Unauthorized Disclosure of Gun Owners' Information

In a shocking revelation, FBI whistleblowers have come forward, exposing Bank of America's unauthorized disclosure of gun owners' information without warrants. The disclosure has raised significant privacy concerns and sparked a debate about the rights of gun owners and the responsibilities of financial institutions. Congressman Thomas Massey and Congressman Jim Jordan have brought this issue to the forefront, advocating for transparency, accountability, and the protection of constitutional rights.

IRS Raid on FFL Shop Raises Concerns and Sparks Congressional Inquiry

The recent raid conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on a Montana firearms retail shop has ignited a wave of questions and concerns. The IRS seized all 4473 forms, which contain sensitive personal information of customers who purchased firearms from the shop. Congress has taken notice and is demanding answers from the IRS and ATF regarding the motives behind this raid and the potential infringement of constitutional rights.

Are Second Amendment Sanctuaries Undermining the Constitution?

The rise of Second Amendment sanctuaries, also known as constitutional sanctuaries, has ignited a passionate debate surrounding their constitutionality and potential implications. These sanctuaries are jurisdictions that adopt resolutions declaring restrictive gun control laws as violations of the United States Constitution and affirm that they will not be enforced within their boundaries. While proponents argue that these sanctuaries safeguard the rights of law-abiding gun owners, critics claim that they undermine the authority of officials and raise constitutional concerns. This article aims to delve into the ongoing discourse and examine the various perspectives surrounding this issue.

US Appeals Court Examines Constitutionality of ATF Form 4473

A recent case brought before a three-judge panel in an appellate court has raised concerns about the constitutionality of ATF Form 4473. This form, used for firearm purchases, has been the subject of various legal challenges regarding the nature of its questions. The case at hand could potentially have significant implications for gun ownership rights. In this article, we delve into the details of the case and explore the arguments surrounding the constitutionality of Form 4473.

Appeals Court Panel Reinstates Some 2A Infringements in New Jersey

In a recent development, a three-judge panel in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled on the appeal of a preliminary injunction concerning New Jersey's Bruin response bill. The panel's decision has reinstated certain infringements on the Second Amendment, permitting the state to enforce some concealed carry prohibitions in specific public places. However, it also upheld the injunction on carrying firearms on private property and in vehicles.

Pistol Brace Rule Could Face Senate Vote This Week

In a recent update, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Representative Andrew Clyde have shed light on the progress of House Joint Resolution 44, a crucial legislative effort aimed at challenging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives' (ATF) pistol brace rule. The rule, which has faced widespread criticism from gun rights advocates, may potentially be put to a Senate vote in the upcoming week, marking a significant milestone in the battle to protect Second Amendment rights.

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Representatives Seek to Defund ATF Director's Salary

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