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Massachusetts Police Department Calls Out Atrocious Gun Control Legislation

Video Highlights

  • Massachusetts HD 4420 is a sweeping gun control legislation that threatens the second amendment rights of citizens.
  • Law enforcement agencies, including the Ware Police Department, have spoken out against the bill, stating that it criminalizes law-abiding citizens and hampers police agencies from combating true crime.
  • The Ware Police Department encourages citizens to educate themselves, communicate with their representatives, foster open dialogue, stay informed, and mobilize to protect their rights.
  • The department emphasizes the importance of active participation in the democratic process to ensure fair and balanced legislation that respects the rights of responsible citizens.

Video Summary

In Massachusetts, the proposed gun control legislation HD 4420 has been met with strong opposition from law enforcement agencies, including the Ware Police Department. This legislation, dubbed the 'Death Star' of gun control, aims to restrict gun rights and criminalize law-abiding citizens.


The Ware Police Department, in a public statement, expressed their concerns about HD 4420. They highlighted the bill's unconstitutional proposals, particularly the criminalization of carrying firearms in certain locations, even for those with a valid license to carry. The department argued that gun-free zones have proven to be ineffective in stopping crime and only serve to embolden criminals.


The Ware Police Department urged citizens to educate themselves about the details and potential impact of the bill. They stressed the importance of communicating with local representatives and engaging in respectful discussions about gun ownership to promote understanding and awareness.


Staying informed and mobilizing were also emphasized by the department. They encouraged citizens to stay updated on the progress of the bill and its potential impact on their rights. Furthermore, they advised citizens to connect with local gun rights organizations and be prepared to take action if necessary.


The Ware Police Department concluded their statement by emphasizing the vital role of citizen involvement in shaping legislation. They called for respectful and law-abiding civic engagement to ensure that legislation is fair, balanced, and respects the rights of responsible citizens.


Massachusetts residents are urged to stand up and fight against HD 4420, as it poses a threat to their second amendment rights. The Ware Police Department's call to action serves as a reminder that active participation in the democratic process is crucial to protect individual liberties and maintain community safety.


To voice opposition to HD 4420 or seek more information, citizens are encouraged to contact Washington gun law, whose details can be found in the video description.


In conclusion, the fight against gun control legislation in Massachusetts highlights the importance of citizen engagement and the need to protect second amendment rights. By staying informed, mobilizing, and actively participating in the democratic process, citizens can ensure that their voices are heard and that legislation is fair and respects their rights as responsible gun owners.