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RFK Jr Doubles Down on Gun Control

Video Highlights

  • RFK Jr argues that gun control cannot meaningfully reduce gun violence
  • Media tries to pigeonhole him as a Republican for deviating from Democratic party narrative
  • He expresses support for a bipartisan assault weapons ban

Video Summary

In a recent town hall, Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr reiterated his belief that gun control measures cannot meaningfully reduce gun violence. While he acknowledges that the Democratic party is pushing for stricter gun laws, RFK Jr maintains that these measures are ineffective and do not address the root causes of gun violence.


The media's response to RFK Jr's stance has been interesting. They have started to label him as a Republican for going against the Democratic party's narrative on gun control. This attempt to pigeonhole him into a different category shows the party's intolerance for diverging opinions on this issue.


Despite his opposition to gun control, RFK Jr does express support for a bipartisan assault weapons ban, aligning himself with the majority of Democrats. However, he acknowledges the challenges of passing such legislation due to widespread GOP opposition.


This rift within the Democratic party on gun control is significant and deserves attention. RFK Jr's stance challenges the effectiveness of current gun control proposals and highlights the fundraising nature of organizations advocating for stricter laws. It remains to be seen how this will impact the 2024 Democratic nomination race and the overall gun control debate in the future.