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Gun Controllers' Agenda Revealed: Threats to Due Process, Freedom of Speech, and Second Amendment Rights

Video Highlights

  • Gun controllers are targeting due process rights, claiming they are granting them when they are actually stripping them away
  • Censorship of speech is being advocated by gun controllers, even though it goes against the values of freedom of speech
  • Gun controllers are pushing for the ban of 3D printed gun blueprints, infringing on freedom of speech and the sharing of information

Video Summary

In recent weeks, gun controllers have made statements and proposals that reveal their true agenda. They are targeting fundamental rights such as due process, freedom of speech, and the Second Amendment. It is important to understand the implications of their actions and the threat they pose to our American freedoms.


One of the concerning issues raised by gun controllers is their stance on due process. They claim to be granting due process rights, but in reality, they are stripping them away. This is exemplified by statements made by Tom Tillis, a Republican senator, who stated that due process rights were given to blue states as a negotiation point. However, due process is a constitutionally protected right that every American already possesses. The fact that it was used as a bargaining chip raises questions about the intentions of gun controllers.


Another area of concern is the advocacy for censorship of speech. Gun controllers, who claim to champion freedom of speech, have shown a willingness to support censorship under certain circumstances. Sunny Hosten, a gun control advocate, made contradictory statements regarding censorship. While she initially stated that she does not believe in censorship, she later implied that censorship is acceptable when it comes to individuals from specific cities or towns. This double standard raises concerns about the true intentions of gun controllers and their commitment to the values of freedom of speech.


Furthermore, gun controllers are pushing for the ban of 3D printed gun blueprints, which directly infringes on freedom of speech and the sharing of information. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, from New York, introduced a bill to ban the internet distribution of blueprints for 3D printed firearms. This ban targets the sharing of digital files, which is a form of speech and expression. By attempting to suppress the sharing of information, gun controllers are infringing on First Amendment rights. This is a clear affront to the principles of free speech and raises concerns about the extent to which gun controllers are willing to go to restrict our rights.


These recent statements and proposals by gun controllers highlight their true agenda. They are not only targeting the Second Amendment but are also willing to undermine due process and freedom of speech. It is crucial for Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, to recognize the threats posed by these actions. This is not a matter of Republican versus Democrat; it is about the erosion of our fundamental rights. We must remain vigilant and actively defend our freedoms for the sake of future generations.