Mark Smith Proposes Thought-Provoking Questions to Anti-Gunners
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Mark Smith Proposes Thought-Provoking Questions to Anti-Gunners

In a recent video, Mark Smith, a constitutional attorney, author, and advocate of the Second Amendment, shares his unique approach to engaging with anti-gun activists. Smith proposes using thought-provoking questions to challenge their beliefs and stimulate meaningful dialogue on the topic of gun control. Drawing inspiration from past instances where questions had a significant impact on public opinion, he believes that well-crafted inquiries can be a powerful tool in advancing and protecting the right to bear arms.

President Biden Discusses Gun Safety Laws and Misconceptions

In a recent speech at the Safer Community Summit in Connecticut, President Joe Biden addressed the topic of gun safety laws, sparking a conversation about firearms and the effectiveness of current legislation. While his remarks were met with both support and criticism, it is essential to examine the key points raised during the speech.

Court Challenges and Uncertainty Surround Washington's Assault Weapon Ban

The state of Washington's assault weapon ban has sparked a series of legal challenges, raising questions about its constitutionality and potential impact on Second Amendment rights. In this article, we delve into the ongoing court battle, specifically focusing on the case of Guardian Arms v. Inslee, which is the first of three lawsuits filed in state court. We'll examine the transfer of the case from Grant County to Thurston County and discuss the upcoming arguments for a statewide injunction, shedding light on the potential outcomes and implications for gun owners in Washington.