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Gun Store Raided by IRS Agents Sparks Controversy

Video Highlights

  • A gun store in Great Falls, Montana, was raided by armed IRS agents on June 14th.
  • Instead of seizing financial records, the agents confiscated boxes of form 4473s, raising suspicions.
  • Members of Congress, including Senator Steve Daines and Representative Matt Rosendale, are demanding answers.
  • Montana Attorney General Austin Knudson has launched an investigation into the raid.
  • Representative Rosendale accuses the ATF of intimidation and harassment against firearms dealers and owners.
  • Senator Daines has made several demands in his letter to the ATF, seeking specific information about the raid.
  • Local law enforcement was not informed in advance about the raid, according to the sheriff.
  • Support for the gun store has been shown through a gift send go account.

Video Summary

Gun enthusiasts and Second Amendment advocates are closely following the recent raid on Highwood Creek Outfitters, a gun store in Great Falls, Montana. On June 14th, armed IRS agents conducted the raid, confiscating boxes of form 4473s instead of the expected financial records. This unexpected seizure has raised suspicions and led to speculation about the motives behind the raid.


The owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters, Mr. Tom Vanhoose, has already made appearances on Fox News and other media outlets, expressing his concerns and seeking answers. His actions have caught the attention of United States Senator Steve Daines and United States Congressperson Matt Rosendale, both of whom are demanding explanations for the raid.


In addition to the congressional inquiries, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudson has launched an investigation into the raid in an effort to determine the reasons behind the seizure of the form 4473s.


Representative Rosendale has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the ATF and its director, Steve Dettelbach. In a letter to Dettelbach, Rosendale accuses the ATF of intimidation and harassment against law-abiding Americans. He points to the raid at Highwood Creek Outfitters and the recent closure of a gun store in Cobb County, Georgia, as evidence of a pattern.


Senator Daines has also written a letter to the ATF, expressing his concerns and demanding answers. He seeks clarification on the scope of the search warrant used in the raid, as well as the agency's intentions regarding the seized form 4473s. Daines also questions the ATF's communication with local and state law enforcement and requests a commitment to sharing information moving forward.


The local sheriff, Jesse Slaughter, has publicly stated that he was not informed in advance about the raid and only learned of it while it was already underway. This lack of communication raises further questions about the motivations behind the raid.


As the investigation unfolds, the gun store and its owner are facing significant challenges. To show support, a gift send go account has been set up for those who wish to help alleviate the financial burden caused by the raid.


This case has the potential to have far-reaching implications, and gun rights advocates are closely monitoring the developments. It remains to be seen what the investigation will uncover and whether there are larger issues at play. In the meantime, it is crucial for gun owners to stay informed about the law and their rights to ensure they can navigate any situation they may encounter.