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Democrats' Effort to Force Gun Votes Fizzles in the House

Video Highlights

  • Democrats' strategy to move tougher gun laws through the house has failed
  • A discharge petition to force votes on gun reform measures was unsuccessful
  • The petition aimed to pass an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks, and a longer waiting period for gun sales
  • Republican opposition, limited powers of the House minority, and polarization of the gun control debate contributed to the failure
  • Democrats needed a simple majority of 218 lawmakers for the petition, but fell short
  • No Republicans supported the petition, and some Democrats also withdrew their support

Video Summary

In a blow to Democrats' efforts to push for stricter gun control laws, a backdoor move in the Republican-led lower chamber has fizzled out. The strategy, known as a discharge petition, aimed to force votes on several gun reform measures, including an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks, and a longer waiting period for gun sales.


The discharge petition, rarely successful, was launched by Democratic leaders last month over GOP objections. However, it failed to gain enough support, with only 212 Democrats endorsing the petition for the background checks bill sponsored by Representative Fitzpatrick.


The failure can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the unanimous Republican opposition highlighted the limited powers of the House minority. GOP moderates were reluctant to publicly confront their leadership, and the debate over guns remained highly partisan despite shifting attitudes outside of Congress.


The petition's failure also exposed the political messaging nature of the move. Representative Fitzpatrick, the sponsor of the bill on expanded background checks, refused to sign the petition, citing its political nature. This raises questions about his previous support for the assault weapons ban, which went through in Pelosi's house last year.


To pass the petition, Democrats needed a simple majority of 218 lawmakers in the lower chamber. However, they fell short, with only 212 Democrats endorsing it. Notably, four Democrats, Golden, Quillar, Peltola, and Perez, withdrew their support, further highlighting the failure of the petition.


This defeat for Democrats underscores the importance of vigilance and support for causes that oppose stricter gun control. It also showcases the power of the Republican-led lower chamber in blocking such legislation. This outcome is a victory for those who fought against the petition and highlights the need to continue the fight for protecting Second Amendment rights.


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