Washington Gun Law

ATF Still Supports On-Site Shooting

Video Highlights

  • Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, clarifies misunderstanding about a recent thumbnail image
  • The image was used for illustrative purposes and was not depicting an ATF raid on On-Site Shooting
  • Apologies to On-Site Shooting and its loyal customer base
  • ATF still supports and adores On-Site Shooting
  • Contact information for On-Site Shooting provided for those interested in visiting or showing support

Video Summary

Welcome to Washington Gun Law TV! In this video, President William Kirk addresses a misunderstanding regarding a recent thumbnail image that caused confusion among viewers. The image used was not depicting an ATF raid on On-Site Shooting, but rather was chosen for illustrative purposes.


As a lawyer, Kirk explains that illustrative evidence is commonly used in courtrooms to help viewers or jurors understand the context being discussed. He clarifies that if the video had been about an ATF raid on On-Site Shooting, it would have been titled differently.


Kirk goes on to apologize to the owner of On-Site Shooting, Danny, and their loyal customer base. He acknowledges that the image used in the thumbnail caused concern among customers, leading them to contact Danny to inquire about the situation. Kirk commends On-Site Shooting for their excellent service and large customer base, emphasizing that their customers' reactions demonstrate the store's strong reputation.


To make amends, Kirk provides the contact information for On-Site Shooting in the video description. He encourages viewers to visit the store if they are ever in the Casa Grande, Arizona area or simply to show support for their dedication to the firearms community.


In conclusion, Kirk reiterates the importance of understanding the law in every situation and how it applies to individual gun owners. He assures viewers that the ATF still supports and adores On-Site Shooting, aiming to correct any misinformation spread through this misunderstanding.


For further inquiries about ATF policies or any other concerns related to Second Amendment rights, Kirk encourages viewers to reach out to Washington Gun Law through the contact information provided in the video description. Stay safe and remember to be a responsible gun owner.